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Three main advantages of silicone wire

Silicone Wires are different from ordinary electronic wires. The insulating material is silicone rubber, which is often used in high-temperature applications. In order to let everyone know more about silicone wires, the following Lerotop connecting wire engineers will explain the three main advantages of silicone wires.

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1. The flexibility of silicone wire:

Flexibility is one of the obvious advantages of silicone wire, which is composed of silicone rubber, ultra-fine copper stranded wire and copper alloy. This combination makes the wire structure flexible and easy to install.

2, the temperature resistance of silicone wire:

Silicone wire has good temperature resistance. The standard temperature range of silicone wire can withstand a temperature of about 60°C to 200°C, and it can withstand a temperature of about -115°C at extremely low temperatures.

3. Chemical resistance of silicone wire:

Silicone wire is also resistant to chemicals, especially when silicone wire is used in applications that come into contact with chemicals such as automotive and industrial, its electrical resistance provides good chemical resistance.



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