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What is the XH2.54 terminal cable?

XH2.54 terminal line is mainly composed of terminal and rubber shell 2 parts. Both ends use XH rubber shell with spacing of 2.54㎜, which can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

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Wire parameters: PVC insulation material, maximum outside diameter is 2.0㎜ Terminal parameters: Interface type XH, contact material tinned copper. Rubber shell parameters: spacing 2.54 mm, insulating material nylon. Application: integrated circuit IC; Model: Electronic wire, silica gel wire, Teflon high temperature wire, cross-linked halogen free electronic wire.

XH2.54 terminal line is widely used in various printer print head and motherboard connection, especially between the circuit board connection, PCB and board connection, it is most suitable for moving parts between the motherboard, board to board, miniaturized electrical equipment for data transmission cable.

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