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Wiring Harness Insulation Resistance And On-resistance

The wiring harness factory mainly tests the insulation resistance and on-resistance. Generally, a megohmmeter (shake meter) is used to test the insulation resistance, which is expressed in MΩ. In Wire Harness production, choose meters with different voltage levels and resistance test ranges according to the tested object. The test range cannot exceed the measured insulation resistance value too much to avoid large errors. The megohmmeter has three binding posts: L (line), E (grounding), and G (shielding). These three binding posts are selected according to different measurement objects.
wire harness test
Cable Harness detection impedance standard:

1. In the new product development stage and the new product research and development stage, the engineering department provides relevant materials to commission various tests for quality verification, the quality performs various tests, and the test results are provided in written materials or test reports for reference and improvement.

2. When the trial production is completed, the quality department will perform various inspections or outsourced tests according to actual needs to ensure that the quality is found early, and the test results will be written data or test reports to the relevant departments for reference and improvement.

3. The insulation resistance test temperature should be controlled at 15℃~35℃, and the humidity should be 30%~60%. The test voltage is DC500V±10%, and the test time is 60±5 seconds.

4. Shipment stage: This test is carried out by the quality of the finished product to provide the basis for the judgment of the quality of the shipment and the improvement of the relevant units.

5. Failure analysis and customer adverse reactions. In the production process, malfunctioning products are useful for tracing the cause and analysis or customer reactions involving impedance testing.

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