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How to solve the quality problem of the wiring harness?

Wire Harnesses are currently widely used in the connection between the print heads of various printers and the motherboard, as well as the signal transmission and board connection of products such as plotters, scanners, copiers, speakers, LCD appliances, fax machines, and various DVD players. In modern electrical equipment, it is almost everywhere. So how to analyze and solve the quality problem of the wiring harness?

1. The cut length of the electronic wire is inconsistent

It may be that the wire feeding wheel is pressed too tightly or too loosely; adjust the straightener to have a straightening effect and be able to send out smoothly. Worn thread cutting knife or cutting edge; replace with a new knife.

2. The length of the peeling opening is different

The thread feeding wheel is too tight or loose; use the thread rolling wheel to adjust the gap between the two wheels so that the wire is not flattened or too loose and slippery. The cutting and stripping knife cuts too shallow or too deep; adjust the knife edge to the proper position with the depth adjustment piece of the cutting knife, as long as it does not damage the copper wire and can smoothly fall off the rubber. The cutting and stripping knife is worn or the cutting edge; replace with a new cutting blade.

3. The machine cannot be started or stopped during operation

Check whether there is current input (220V) and 6KG air pressure; check whether the total number of settings has reached, if it reaches, reset it and restart after power off; check if there is a wireless material or a certain operating part is stuck; check whether the terminal machine is The signal connection or power connection leads to the terminal machine not being crimped.

4. Uneven copper wires exposed on crimping terminals

Check whether the gun-shaped swing arm duct is attached to the wire; check whether the knife edge of the terminal machine is relatively straight with the swing arm duct; check whether the auxiliary pressing block of the terminal machine is loose; check whether the distance between the terminal machine and the automatic machine has changed.

5. The terminal machine is very noisy

It is normal for the terminal machine to make a slight noise. If the noise is too loud, it may be: a part or part of the terminal machine is worn out, which leads to increased friction; the screw of the terminal machine is loose during operation, which causes the vibration amplitude of the parts to become larger. The motor of the terminal machine does not rotate; check whether the clutch position of the terminal machine is correct and whether the fuse is burned out.

6. the terminal machine appears to hit continuously

Check whether the switch near the main shaft of the terminal machine is damaged or the screws are loose; check whether the circuit board and pedal of the terminal machine are broken; check whether the spring of the terminal machine is off or breaks and loses its elasticity, and whether the moving rod is damaged.

7. The terminal machine does not respond

Check whether the power cord of the terminal machine is connected or whether there is a problem with the circuit; check whether the circuit board of the terminal machine is intact and whether it is damaged; check whether the switches of the terminal machine can be used; check whether the pedal of the terminal machine is burned out; check the terminals Whether the electromagnet of the machine is still magnetized or not burned.
The above content is an introduction to how to analyze and solve problems when the wiring harness encounters problems. The plastic insulation material and conductive parts of the wiring harness are directly related to the quality of the terminal, and they respectively determine the insulation performance and electrical conductivity of the terminal. The failure of any one terminal will lead to the failure of the entire system engineering. In a sense, preventing failure is more important than analyzing failure. It has a more realistic meaning for ensuring the quality and reliability of the terminal.

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