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Wire and cable classification

Mainly used as overhead conductors Insulation relies on external arrangement,

The wires themselves have no voltage class! ! There are mainly aluminum stranded wire, copper stranded wire, aluminum alloy stranded wire and so on. Occupy more than 90% of the length of the entire grid wires.

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Flexible wiring and braided wire
It refers to a very soft wire made by twisting, twisting or braiding of a very thin single wire bundle, and the conductors are all made of copper. Such as brush wire, battery wire, etc.

Profiles and Profiles
Not round bare conductive articles. 1 Arrangement of copper and aluminum 2 Catenary wire 3 Various shaped arrangement

power cable
A cable with a high-quality insulating structure outside the wire and a good protective layer. The main function is the same as that of the overhead wire, which is used for transmitting and distributing large-capacity electric energy in the power system. The difference is that the power cable can be laid in various occasions, is safe and concealed, is not disturbed by the external climate, can be maintained less, and is durable and cost-effective. Higher, the power cable has the following characteristics:

1 It can withstand high and extremely high working voltage, and has excellent electrical insulation performance

2 It can transmit a large current (hundreds of amps, several thousand amps) and should have good heat resistance and heat dissipation

3 It is required to be laid in various environments, so there are various structures of sheath protection.

4 Due to the differences in the capacity, voltage, and number of phases of the power system and changes in the laying environment, there are quite a few varieties and specifications of the power system.

The classification of power cables is mainly classified according to the insulation structure and insulation materials

According to the regulations of the power system, the rated voltage levels of power cables in my country are divided into:

1 KV and below (called low voltage)

3kv, 6kV, 10kV, (15kV, 20kV, 30kVv), 35kV (6~35kV is called medium voltage, the voltage level in brackets is generally not used in China)

66kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV (66~330kV is called high voltage)

500kV (500kV and above are called ultra-high voltage, 750kV and above are called ultra-high voltage)



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