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Wire Harness How To Deal With Electromagnetic Interference

In our lives, we often use Wire Harnesses, including the electronic products we use, with it as the core. Wire harness processing is understood by many people as the processing of wires, connectors, insulating sleeves and wrapping materials. However, in the current society, the demand for wire harnesses is very large, so how does the wire harness deal with electromagnetic interference?
wire harnesses

1. Shielding interference source equipment and related wiring harness: The electronic control unit used in the main electronic control system of the automobile should be encapsulated in a shielding shell.

2. Increase wire harness filtering: For longer cable harnesses, in order to reduce conduction and radiation interference, filtering should be added to the wire harness. It is more convenient to socket a suitable ferrite magnetic ring.

3. Reasonably plan the wiring harness: In the wiring harness layout, make the low-power sensitive circuit close to the signal source and the high-power interference circuit close to the load. Separate the low-power circuit and the high-power circuit as much as possible to reduce the inductive interference and radiation interference between the cable assembly.

4. Improve the grounding of the equipment: good grounding arrangements and improved ground wire bonding can reduce high-frequency impedance. The grounding of automotive electronic equipment is mainly connected to the nearest car body and the wiring harness shielding layer.

5. Reduce the area of the wiring harness receiving interference: The wire harness should be designed with the smallest length, the smallest impedance and the smallest loop area. It is best to use a power supply method with a small loop area such as twisted pair. Increase the distance from the device to the interference source: Under the condition that the layout of the interference device remains unchanged, modify the installation location of sensitive components to increase the distance to the interference source.

wire harnesses

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