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What Is A Wire And Cable

Wires and cables are basic products used to transmit electric (magnetic) energy, transmit information, realize electromagnetic energy conversion, and form automated control circuits. There is no strict difference between wire and cable. In a broad sense, wire and cable can also be called cable. Generally, products with simple structure, no outer sheath and smaller outer diameter are called electric wires, and products with complex structure, strong sealed outer sheath, and larger outer diameter are called cables.

electrical wires

The main structure of the wire is "conductor + insulation", and the main structure of the cable is "conductor + insulation + sheath"; the conductor is generally made of copper, aluminum or its alloy, and the insulation and sheath are generally made of rubber, polyethylene, polychloride Made of materials such as vinyl.

electrical wires

Electrical Wires and Cables have a wide range of uses, many types and varieties. There are more than 2,000 varieties of wires and cables and hundreds of thousands of specifications. It is one of the largest categories of products in the electrical and electrical industry.



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