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USB Cable Swing Test

According to different customer products, the application environment of the wire in the equipment is different, and the swing standard of the USB Cable required by the customer is different. For example, a common USB Cable cable generally requires a swing of ±90°, a frequency of 40 times per minute, and a swing frequency of 2000 times. In order to ensure that the wire production can meet the customer's swing test requirements, the Wire Harness factory has strict test standards, so how to define the wire swing test standard?
usb cable

USB Cable swing test operation process and standards:
1. Perform appearance and performance tests on the wires and number them before the test.

2. The swing of the wire swing machine depends on the different specifications of the wire (generally 40 times/minute, 50 times/minute, ±60/90°).

3. Clamp the plug part of the wire into the fixture of the swing tester to fix it, and short-circuit this end.

4. Straighten the wire and pass it through the fixing slot, and tie a hook and hook code about 300mm below the plastic molding part of the plug (generally 250~300g).

5. Connect the two wires at the other end of the wire to the indicator light (the indicator light will go out when it is normally connected).

6. Reset each group and total swing count to zero, and press the "Start" button of each group, and finally press the "Start Motor" button to test.

7. After the test is completed, inspect the conductor insulation layer and performance of the wire.



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