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What Is XLPE Cable

There are many materials for cable insulation, but there are only a handful of XLPE cable materials that have strong comprehensive performance and are commonly used like polyethylene. After chemically crosslinked modified materials, the performance of polyethylene can be further improved. Furthermore, the main uses of polyethylene have been greatly expanded, and it has been widely used in industrial production, agriculture and animal husbandry and daily life. Let's take a look at the key knowledge points of XLPE at the cable level!

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XLPE cable characteristics

1. High temperature resistance: the cross-linked polyethylene with a three-dimensional network structure has excellent high temperature resistance. It is not easy to dissolve and carbonize below 200, the long-term operating temperature can reach 90, and the thermal service life can reach 40 years.

2. Insulation performance: Cross-linked polyethylene maintains the original excellent insulation properties of polyethylene, and the insulation resistors are further expanded. The dielectric loss tangent value is not large, and the temperature hazard is not large.

3. Mechanical equipment characteristics: Because of the creation of new ionic bonds between biological macromolecules, the strength, bending stiffness, wear resistance and impact resistance of cross-linked polyethylene have been improved, thereby filling the place where polyethylene is vulnerable to natural environments. Defects caused by stress cracking.

4. Solvent resistance: cross-linked polyethylene has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The key to igniting materials is water and carbon dioxide, which is less harmful to the natural environment and meets contemporary safety and fire protection regulations.

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