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What are the factors leading to the damage of wire harness

After using the electronic Wire Harness for a period of time, we will find that its performance is declining, and then it becomes more and more difficult to use or even burned. But do you know the factors that cause the damage or poor performance of the electronic wire harness? Let Jufei electron analyze the main reasons for this phenomenon.

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1. Short circuit will also occur when the creepage distance through the electronic wire is less than or greater than the corresponding voltage.

2. The damp environment of electronic wires leads to the decrease of insulation resistance, which leads to short circuit and finally burns;

3. If the electronic components and equipment are not fastened well with the electronic wire, the terminal will be heated and eventually burned;

4. The wiring of electronic wires is not tight, and poor contact will also be caused when the wiring is not tightened, resulting in terminal heating of electronic wires;

5. Due to dust and oil stain of electronic wire, the power supply distance is insufficient, resulting in short circuit of harness, resulting in terminal burnout;

6. Oxidation may occur on the surface of electronic wire and terminal strip, resulting in increased resistance and more heating of the contact part, resulting in failure;

The above are the main reasons why electronic wires are easy to be damaged in use. I hope you can pay attention when using them.



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