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Use Of High Temperature Cables

What to pay attention to when use high-temperature wires:
high-temperature wires

1. Load-increasing high-temperature wires and cables are mainly to ensure that the outer diameter and weight of the cable are reduced under the precondition of current-carrying, and the weight is reduced. Individually, the higher the operating temperature, the greater the current carrying current through the cable of the same cross-section. In places like airplanes and cars, the significance is commensurate, and the use of high-temperature cables can greatly reduce the cross-section. When the operating temperature rises from 90℃ to 155℃, the current carrying capacity will increase by 50%. Under the same load, the weight of the cable will increase by half, and the cost will be reduced. While the current is naturally large, the loss of most insulating materials will also increase.

2. Cable under high temperature working environment. Generally, wires and cables are prone to insulation aging and scorching at high temperatures, causing the cables to lose power and become damaged and unusable. The high-temperature wire and cable can work normally and stably in a high-temperature environment, without affecting the signal or power transmission, and can also ensure that the cable has a long service life. This kind of functional wire and cable is a common type of high-temperature wire and cable, and its use characteristics are also easy to understand.

high-temperature wires

The contents explained above are related to what you should pay attention to when using high-temperature cables. I believe everyone can be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about silicone cable, please call us for details, we will be happy to serve you.



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