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Storage Of Silicone Wire

What are the precautions for storage of silicone high temperature wire:

silicone high temperature wire

1. Precautions when storing silicone high temperature wire

1) There shall be no harmful gases that damage insulation and corrode metals in the warehouse. Wires should not be in contact with acids, alkalis, and mineral oils, and should be isolated and isolated from these substances.

2) As far as possible, prevent the silica gel high temperature wire from being placed in the open air environment.

3) The storage period should be extended regularly (once every 3 months in summer, and can be extended appropriately in other seasons). When turning it over, turn it over to avoid moisture at the bottom, and regularly check whether the seal is intact.

4) The storage period is calculated from the day the product leaves the factory, generally not more than one and a half years, and the longest is not more than two years.

5) When storing the silica gel high temperature wire, be careful not to put the high temperature wire in the dark, damp, and moldy center. At the same time, be careful not to place high-temperature wires whether there are no substances in them, so as to avoid damage to the high-temperature wires.
silicone high temperature wire

2. Matters needing attention when using silicone high temperature wire

1) Silicone high temperature wire should be accurately matched according to the application requirements. Before using, it should be based on the needs and model to ensure that the silicone high temperature wire is used under basic safety conditions.

2) When installing the silicone high temperature wire, be careful not to knock the high temperature wire hard, otherwise it is easy to touch the silicone high temperature wire, pay attention to keep the silicone high temperature wire, especially in the cold winter.



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