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The role of wiring harness in the display of electrical appliances

Almost all electrical equipment, such as televisions and computers, need to use Wire Harnesses. The structure of this kind of connection wire is mainly to connect the terminals to the two ends of the wire to conduct electricity and transmit signals. TVs can only display images because of such wires.

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The TV station transmits the image signal to the TV set-top box through various signal transmission equipment, and then transmits it to the TV through the set-top box. There is a part called the video signal decoder inside the TV. This decoder decomposes the received video signal. There are two parts, one part is the sound signal, and the other part is the color signal. Then the two parts of the signal are transmitted to the display screen of the TV through the wiring harness.

wire harness

This kind of wire is only responsible for the transmission of the color signal, and the sound signal needs to be transmitted through another channel. After some special processing, the image is displayed on the display screen. The advantage of separate transmission is to ensure the clear picture quality. Now many high-definition TVs guarantee the high-definition picture quality through such a separate transmission method.

wire harness

In addition, the video signals of some TV stations have a certain frequency. Although different TV stations have different frequencies, they have a certain range. Therefore, the manufacture of wiring harnesses has very strict requirements and must meet the regulations before they can be used in electrical appliances. Many computers on the market have their own graphics cards, and the graphics cards also have some video output functions. This kind of wire is also indispensable for successful output.

wire harness

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