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What are the characteristics of UL2468 flat ribbon cable

UL2468 ribbon cable has the characteristics of flexibility, acid resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance and mildew resistance. Rubber material: PVC polyvinyl chloride insulating material 45 Pa rubber material; UL2468 ribbon cable conductor uses 26-16AWG single or stranded bare copper or tinned copper wire;

2468 20awg cable.jpg
1. The conductor structure of UL2468 ribbon cable: It adopts multi-copper wire stranded (AS stands for bare copper, TS stands for tinned copper) and the outer is polyvinyl chloride (commonly known as PVC).

2. UL2468 ribbon cable products have the characteristics of softness, acid resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance and mildew resistance.

3. UL2468 ribbon cable is widely used in digital cameras, instruments, chargers, audio, medical equipment, toys, household appliances and circuit boards and other fields.

4. Complete colors, red, black, white, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, etc. Other colors can be produced according to customer requirements.

5. It can be made into flat ribbon cable and processed into wires of different lengths according to customer requirements.



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