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Flame-retardant Wire And Cable

Flame retardant refers to retarding and delaying the spread of flames along wires and cables, so that the fire does not expand. This type of cable has self-extinguishing performance after it catches fire.

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Flame-retardant cables can be divided into three grades according to national experimental standards (GB12666-99): ZRA, ZRB, and ZRC. In general product naming, ZRA is usually represented by GZR, which is called high flame retardant cable or oxygen barrier cable or high flame retardant oxygen barrier cable. ZRC means ZR in general flame retardant products.

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Flame-retardant cables are self-extinguishing while maintaining the electrical and physical and chemical properties of ordinary cables, that is, they are not easy to burn. Burning, or the burning time is very short (within 60 minutes), or the extended burning length is very short.

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Compared with halogen-containing flame-retardant cables, halogen-free flame-retardant cables have the advantages of low toxicity, low smoke and halogen-free. The flame retardant grade is not high, basically it is C class. The reason is that the energy efficiency of oxygen swallowing fire extinguishing by halogen free radicals is greater than the energy efficiency of non-halogen flame retardant degradation temperature.

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The oxygen barrier flame retardant technology is mainly to fill a layer of inorganic metal hydrate between the cable insulation core and the cable outer sheath. It is a non-toxic, odorless, and halogen-free white glue. The oxygen barrier flame-retardant cable can be applied to low, medium and high-voltage power cables, control cables and communication cables without changing the cable structure and the original parameters of the material, and makes the cable flame-retardant Class A.

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Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing various flame-retardant wires. For example: pvc insulated wire, silicone wire, multicore wire, teflon wire, etc.



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