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Electronic wire quality identification method

Electronic wires have different production standards in different application fields, including: specifications, thickness of electronic wires, materials and so on. Because the decoration of automobiles is becoming more and more important now, there are also electronic wires specially produced and applied in the automobile industry. How to distinguish the pros and cons of electronic wires?

1. For some informal manufacturers, recycled PVC plastic is used for the insulating rubber, and recycled copper is used for the core conductor, or copper-clad aluminum, or steel wire, or a mixture of these. well known. Compared with oxygen-free copper (OFC), the internal resistance of these conductors is much larger, and the voltage drop is also much larger. This is very harmful to the car power supply with only 12V.

2. For regular electronic wires, the insulating rubber is made of new anti-oxidative PVC plastic, and the core conductor is made of oxygen-free copper (OFC) or tin-plated copper, or silver-plated copper made of air-isolated method. Manufactured by precision equipment.

3. To judge the pros and cons of an electronic wire, not only its appearance size, but also the thickness and pros and cons of the copper core inside. Because some electronic wires make the rubber very thick and the copper core inside is disproportionate and very thin. Therefore, it mainly depends on the size of the cut surface of the copper core to confirm.

4. High-quality electronic wires not only have good insulation and heat resistance, but also the core conductors are twisted or braided by seven strands, so that there is enough density to reduce the resistance value, capacitance and inductance, and thus output enough electricity. flow.

In fact, the electronic wire also depends on whether the actual length of each coil is consistent with the nominal value, and whether there is a shortage of two. Many businesses are short-lived, which leads to the safety of electronic wire applications.



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