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Common sense of electronic wire

Electronic Cables are usually divided into power cables and control cables. The meaning of the general symbol of the cable:

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[1] ZR-flame retardant, NH-fire-resistant, ZA(IA)-intrinsically safe

[2] Use. Default representation of power cable, K-control cable, P-signal cable, DJ-computer cable

[3] Insulating layer. V-polyvinyl chloride, Y-polyethylene, YJ-cross-linked polyethylene, X-rubber, Z-paper

[4] Conductor. T-copper core means by default, L-aluminum core.

[5] Inner sheath (sheath), V-polyvinyl chloride, Y-polyethylene, Q-lead clad, L-aluminum clad, H-rubber, HF-non-flammable rubber, LW-corrugated aluminum sleeve, F - Neoprene, N-Nitrile rubber sheath.



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