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4 components commonly used in wiring harnesses

The composition of the wiring harness can be divided into these major components:

1. Wire

Wires are components used to conduct current and transmit electrical energy. It is usually use hook up wires, like PVC Electrical Wires, silicone cables, multi-core cables and other.

2. Terminal

Their role is mainly to transmit electrical signals or conduct electricity.

3. Connector

1) Insulated isolation terminal;

2) Provide mechanical protection and support for the terminals;

3) Shield the terminal from the environment where the connector is used to reduce the environment's corrosion of the terminal.

4. Sheath

It is used for the outer insulation and protection of the terminal block and is widely used in various electrical wiring harnesses such as wires, electrical appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. There are different classifications of insulation and anti-interference effects.

The above four components are important parts of the wiring harness, and the materials can be selected and used according to different needs and functions. 

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