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Factory Video

Electrical Wires Production

How is the electronic wire produced? Maybe this video will help you.

1. The billet is heated to above 1100 degrees Celsius through a walking heating furnace;
2. The heated billet is released from the furnace and descaling with high-pressure water;
3. Enter the rough rolling mill for rolling, which is a hot tandem rolling mill;
4. The rolled piece after rough rolling enters the water cooling section for cooling to control its internal metallographic structure;
5. After leaving the water cooling section, enter the intermediate rolling mill and finishing mill for further rolling;
6. After finishing rolling, the rolled piece is spit out by the laying machine to form a coil shape;
7. The coiled wire is cooled and advanced in the air cooling section;
8. At the end of the air-cooling section, the wire is wound into a reel by the collector;
9. The wire rod into a reel is sent to the bundling machine for bundling;

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