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UL1015 20AWG Wire Harness VH3.96 Terminal Cable

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Application: Electronic,Home appliance
Certification: UL
Wire: UL1015 20awg or International Cable
Length: 350mm or Customized Length
Wire Color: Red, Black
Connector: VH3.96
Terminal: VH3.96 Terminal + 3.2 Fork Terminal


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Wire Harness Details

* Specification: Base on custom product/drawing

* Wire harness Sheath: Corrugated pipe, braided pipe, Rubber, heat shrinkable tube.etc.

* Connector Range: Thousands different connectors available(1 pin to 40 pin to custom.)

* Application: Electronic,Home appliance

* MOQ: 1000 set

* Wire gauge: 10 AWG to 28 AWG

* Certification: UL /RoHS.

* Wire length: Custom

* Terminal: Brand number and terminal block

* Delivery Time: Enough stock and strong production capacity ensure timely delivery.

* Assembly: Connector+terminal+sheather+ wire + other connect plug

* Service: custom (OEM/ODM),please provide draiwng or smaple

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Wire Harness Manufacturer

1. We use only the finest quality materials

2. Wire harnesses can be fabricated for use in extreme conditions

3. The cable harnesses are tested at various stages of the fabrication process

4. Our wiring harnesses have good pliability and resistance to high temperatures

5. We can customize wire harnesses based on your specifications and requirements

6. Cable harnesses are manufactured according to the latest industry standards for safety and compliance

7. They are available in a number of forms and dimensions to match particular requirements

8. Our assemblies function efficiently without any disturbance, and offer good sustainability even with heavy load

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