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  • UL 3135 10AWG Silicone Wire
  • UL 3135 10AWG Silicone Wire
  • UL 3135 10AWG Silicone Wire
UL 3135 10AWG Silicone WireUL 3135 10AWG Silicone WireUL 3135 10AWG Silicone Wire

UL 3135 10AWG Silicone Wire

Model Number: Silicone Rubber Cable
Application: Electrical household appliances,Lights,Small motors
Conductor Material: Copper
Conductor Type: Stranded
Insulation Material: Silicone


UL 3135 10AWG Silicone Wire Details

1) Conductor material : tinned copper
2) Insulator material : silicone Rubber
3) Rated Temperature : -60°C~+200°C
4) Single wire diameter : 0.08mm
5) Nominal Voltage : 600 V
6) Test Voltage : 2000 V
7) Colors : Black ; Red ; White ; Blue ; Yellow; Green;Brown,Green/Yellow
8) Our silicone wire are widely used in the consumption electric products like drone,plan model,car model,ship model,battery
adapter,network electrical equipment and all kind of instrument

UL 3135 Wire

UL 3135 10AWG Silicone Wire

Oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, soft wire bending radius, outdoor use. It is widely used in high temperature environments such as lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instrumentation, motor lead wires and electronics, lamps, gas appliances, etc.

3135 Silicone Wire

It is used to connect electrical appliances between mobile electrical appliances in high-temperature environments such as power generation, metallurgy, and chemical industries. Electronic equipment, heavy industry machinery, electrical installations, industrial machinery, electrical heating products and other high-temperature wiring, as well as internal connection lines and instruments used in microwave ovens, fax machines, printers, copiers, scanners, etc. High temperature environment such as burning appliances.

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