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UL 1015 Wire Toy Car Harness 110mm Lenght

Application: Toy Car Electronic
Color: Customer Request
Connector: IDE Molex 6.2 mm power connector
Length: 100mm/200mm/300mm/customized
Certificate: ROHS/UL/Reach
Wire Type: 1015 14awg


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Toy Car Harness

Connectors: JAE, HRS, JST, AMP, Dupont, I-pex, Molex, YH, ACES, FCI, DDK, UJU, JWT, Panasonic connectors.

Cable Length: 50mm-15000mm.

Processing ways: Crimping, pressing and soldering types.

Pin out connection: As per customer’s request

Connector pitch range: 0.5mm-4.2mm

Applications: Toy Car

Toy cars are powered by batteries for safety, so the current is below 1A, and the power cord uses an insulated wire of about 0.5 mm.

cable harness

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