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Molex PH Female 1007 24AWG Cable Assembly

Cable: pvc wires, silicone wires
Housing: MOLEX, JST, AMP etc.
Pins: 4Pin
Color: black, red, yellow, blue


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Cable Harness Details

Connector pitch range: 0.5mm-4.2mm

characteristics: Good transferring, clearly pictures, no shaking

Applications: LCD/Display/Advertising machine/Phone/Laptop/Computer/PDA

Camera/LCM/Notebook/tablet PC/ HDD

Service OEM/ODM products are acceptable

wire harness

Molex Cable Harness Feature

JST connector is a large category, also called connectors, plugs and sockets. It is a component that electronic engineering and technical personnel often contact. Most of them refer to electrical connectors, which are used to connect two electronic products with components. The use range of JST terminal wires is increasing, and the types are also increasing.

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