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Dupont Cables Female to Female Jumper Wires

Model Number: Electircal cable assembly
Application: Electronic
Service: Design and Sample Prototype Service
Quality: 100% testing before shipment
Length: Customized Length
Sample: Sample can be provided for evaluating


wire product details

Dupont Cables Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Application: All Electronic Area
Conductor Material:  Copper
Insulation Material: PVC
Temperature range:-25°C to +85°C
Contact resistance:  ≤0.02Ω
Withstanding Voltage: 300V AC/minute

Dupont Cables

Dupont Cables Feature

The Dupont wire is more versatile and can be used frequently in our lives. This kind of wire has small plugs at both ends of the wire, which can also be applied to the 2.54mm pitch pin header. When conducting circuit experiments, it is more convenient to connect various wire segments, and it is also more space-saving. The use of DuPont cables can also be seen in some electrical appliances, and many of its characteristics also determine how we use it

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Dupont Cables

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