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Dupont Cable Harness Female to Male

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: 2.54 pitch
Application: Electronic
Pitch: 2.0mm & 2.54mm
Connector: 2 to 20PIN
Current: 2.0A
Voltage: 100V


wire product details

Dupont Cable Harness Details

Pitch: 2.54mm
Connector: Original/equivalent connector
Current: 3A
Voltage: 250V
Applicable Wire: AWG 18~AWG30
Wire length/Color: According to customer's request

cable assembly

Dupont Cable Harness Feature

Interface type: DuPont connector (2.54 pitch)
1. Various wiring harnesses can be developed and customized according to actual needs;
2. Suitable for various automation equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, CNC machine tools, etc.;
3. According to the application environment, high-quality materials and processes can be selected to ensure product performance and at the same time have a higher cost performance.

wire application

wire harness application

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