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  • 3 Core Flexible Multi-Core Wire
  • 3 Core Flexible Multi-Core Wire
  • 3 Core Flexible Multi-Core Wire
3 Core Flexible Multi-Core Wire3 Core Flexible Multi-Core Wire3 Core Flexible Multi-Core Wire

3 Core Flexible Multi-Core Wire

Insulation Material: PVC
Adaptable Voltage (v): 300V
Specification: 2 core/3 core/4 core


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Multi-core wires Details
Multi-core wires refer to conductors with two or more cores in one insulating layer, such as RVS, RVV, and RVVP that we usually see belong to multi-core wires.

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Multi-core wires Feature
Multi-core wires are generally softer, and are mostly used in active and temporary power-use sites, and are easy to install, drag and drop, and move. However, the surface of the multi-core wire after high temperature is seriously oxidized, and the effective cross-section is greatly reduced. It is prone to problems such as broken core and local heating. If this happens, it is recommended to replace it in time for safe electricity use.

What is the connection method of multi-core wire butt?
First straighten the multi-core wire with the insulation layer removed, twist and tighten about 1/3 of the core wire close to the insulation layer, and then spread the remaining 2/3 of the core wire into an umbrella shape. Next, insert the two umbrella-shaped core wires into each other and then flatten them, and divide the ends of each core wire into three groups, and then lift up the first, second and third groups of wire ends on one side and wrap them around the core wire. Finally, wrap the other end of the thread in the same way

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