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Common causes of wiring harness failures

The electronic wiring harness is a wire that electronically controls the input and output. It builds a communication bridge between two or more isolated electronic circuits, so that current can flow and various functions of electronic equipment can be realized. Because of the large amount of Wire Harness used and the wide range of use, we often find various faults in the wire harness during use. A correct understanding of the cause of the fault can help us maintain equipment and reduce equipment repair costs.

Common electrical harness failure causes include:

1. Natural aging or damage. When the electronic wiring harness is used for more than the service life, the insulation layer of the wiring harness begins to crack slowly, and the mechanical strength begins to decline. Over time, it is easy to cause short circuit, open circuit, grounding and other faults between wires and wires.

2. Oxidation of wiring harness terminals. When the harness terminal is completely oxidized or deformed, it will also cause poor contact or short circuit of the harness, which will cause the harness to fail.

3. Failure of electrical equipment. Electrical equipment is overloaded and short-circuited, which can easily lead to failure of the wiring harness.

4. human reasons. The last cause of failure is improper human operation, such as unreasonable wiring harness installation position, wrong wiring between wiring harness and electrical equipment, damage to wiring harness components during maintenance, etc.

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