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What is the wiring harness?

The use environment of wiring harness in electronics and electrical appliances is different, which determines that the terminal wires need to be customized. In household appliances, the ambient temperature used is between 0℃-80℃, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, drinking fountains, etc., but also exceeds 100℃, for example, microwave oven, oven, etc.

1. Wire Harness

In order to facilitate installation and maintenance, and to ensure that electrical equipment can work under the harshest conditions, the wires of different specifications and different colors used in the electrical equipment of the whole vehicle are arranged in a reasonable manner, and they are integrated, and the wires are bundled with insulating materials. Bundles, which are complete and reliable.

2. The correct choice of wire cross-sectional area

The electrical equipment on the car selects the cross-sectional area of the wire used according to the size of the load current. Electrical equipment that works for a long time can choose 60% of the actual current carrying capacity of the wire; electrical equipment that works for a short time can use 60%-100% of the actual current carrying capacity of the wire.

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