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What is the difference between FFC and FPC?

FFC stands for Flexible Flat Cable, and FPC stands for Flexible Printed Circuit. Both are used as interconnects between electronic components, but they differ in their construction.

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FFC is a type of cable that consists of flat, rectangular copper conductors mounted between two layers of insulating material. FFCs are flexible and have a low profile, making them ideal for applications in which space is limited. They are commonly used to connect components in laptops, portable devices, and automobiles.

FPC, on the other hand, is a type of circuit board that consists of a thin, flexible film with conductive traces printed on it. FPCs are typically more complex than FFCs and can include multiple layers of conductive traces. They are commonly used in applications that require more complex interconnects, such as cameras, medical devices, and aerospace components.

In summary, FFC is a type of flat cable, while FPC is a type of flexible circuit board.



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