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What are the components of the multi-core wire structure?

The structure of the multi-core wire mainly includes four parts: insulation material, sheath material, barrier layer, and conductor. The detailed information of each part of these multi-core wires is introduced in detail below.

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1. The insulating material is mainly made of high-performance heat-resistant PVC insulating material. (There are three categories of soft, semi-hard and hard)

2. The sheath material is mainly made of heat-resistant PVC sheath material.

3. The barrier layer is made of tinned soft copper wire with a wire diameter of Ф0.1mm and above that is horizontally rolled or braided to improve the anti-interference and anti-noise capabilities of the cable.

4. The conductor adopts tinned soft copper wire with American wire gauge 14-30AWG, terminal connecting wire and electrical soft copper wire with cross-sectional area of 0.3mm2-2.0mm2. There are three conductor methods: stranded conductor, OS-1 (TCW) conductor, solid conductor.



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