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Ways to prevent fire on electronic cables

The installation of the electronic cable can choose to operate in the case of high temperature. If possible, the product can be "warmed up" with heaters and other equipment in advance to make the product reach an excellent performance state. So is there any way to prevent the electronic cable from catching fire due to the overload of the wire?

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1. The process of preventing the electronic circuit from catching fire due to the overload of the wire. During the circuit design process, the capacity of the site should be accurately verified, and the possibility of increasing the capacity in the future should be fully considered, and the appropriate type of wire should be selected. If the capacitance is large, thick wire should be used. The key to preventing overload lies in circuit design and reasonable selection. If the design is not selected properly, it will leave inherent hidden dangers that are difficult to correct. For some small projects, the site design and selection are not careful. Arbitrary selection and laying of lines are very dangerous. For newly added electrical and electrical equipment, full consideration shall be given to the carrying capacity of the original line. If the original line does not meet the requirements, it shall be redesigned and modified.

2. The line should be constructed and laid by qualified electricians in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations. The wiring conditions directly affect the heat dissipation effect of the wires. Generally speaking, the wiring should not be laid across combustibles, combustibles, and stacks, otherwise it will cause poor heat dissipation of the wires, heat accumulation, and the possibility of electronic wires igniting the surrounding combustibles, which increases the risk of fires under overload conditions. Danger: The lines laid on the suspended ceiling of public entertainment places should be protected by steel pipes to isolate the suspended ceiling from the line. In the case of overload, short circuit, etc., the molten beads will not fall to avoid fire.

3. Strengthen power management, prevent random connections, and use mobile sockets with caution. Connecting wires indiscriminately, wiring indiscriminately, and using mobile sockets is actually adding electrical equipment to a certain section of the line, increasing the amount of current, which may cause overload. There are obviously more mobile sockets than fixed sockets in the wall. If the mobile sockets use too many electrical equipment, the original line will inevitably be unbearable. It is advisable to set up independent circuits for high-power equipment and electrical appliances, and it is not advisable to use mobile sockets as wiring sources.

4. Speed up the transformation of old lines and eliminate fire hazards. In old enterprises, old communities and other units, due to the long use time, many lines are aging and have exceeded their service life. Although the current carrying capacity of some lines is not large, it is difficult for aging lines to withstand such current carrying capacity, and there is also the danger of overload. Especially in old residential areas, electrical lines have long been aging, but with the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous increase of household appliances, their power consumption has increased year by year, which is really worse. For the old lines, timely supervision and coordination should be carried out, and rectification should be carried out as soon as possible to eliminate fire hazards and ensure safety.



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