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Types and functions of PCB wiring harness

According to the different structure of the PCB wiring harness, the PCB wiring harness referred to in the market refers to a terminal wire with a connector at one end, and the terminal wire with a connector at both ends has a corresponding fixed name, such as vga video line, usb line etc. Therefore, the terminal PCB wiring harness we need to understand is a non-finished line, and its main function is to play a connection role in production, processing, and assembly, which is also called a terminal connection line. In most cases, the same terminal wire is applied in the same way, and the other end will be connected to the internal connection point of the device by welding or other methods to form a complete solution.

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The role of PCB wiring harness
Different from the connector, the terminal end of the PCB Wire Harness will be docked according to the way the male and female connectors of the connector are docked. Due to different production requirements, the other end is often kept in the state of wire. In some productions, the other end will be gold-plated and tinned. Handling to facilitate the welding of the other end. The main reason for this situation may be that the other end of the terminal is not concentrated or it is inconvenient to set the connector, otherwise the double-ended PCB wiring harness with terminals will be used for connection, such as usb to type-c, usb-a to usb-c, serial cable to usb and so on. All in all, the role of the PCB wiring harness is like a connector to form a connection solution conveniently and quickly.

Up to now, PCB wiring harnesses are widely used in the connection between various printer print heads and motherboards, as well as signal transmission cables for plotters, scanners, copiers, stereos, LCD TVs, fax machines, and various electronic products. In modern electrical equipment, it is almost everywhere.



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