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Types and characteristics of waterproof wiring harness

Waterproof wiring harness application field category:

At present, waterproof wiring harnesses are mainly used in three major fields: batteries, automobiles, waterproof electronic equipment, etc.

1. The main materials of battery waterproof wiring harness are electric vehicle batteries, mobile phone batteries, camera batteries, batteries, etc.

2. The main material of the automobile waterproof wiring harness is the wiring harness of the car engine. For example, the wiring harness that is relatively close to the site will basically use the waterproof wiring harness instead of the previous ordinary wiring harness.

3. The main areas of waterproof electronic equipment are: waterproof cameras, waterproof cameras, waterproof electronic detectors, etc.

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Features of waterproof harness:

For example, the purpose of the electric vehicle battery waterproof wiring harness is to prevent the wiring harness from short-circuiting the ground due to water ingress. Waterproof harnesses are suitable in many places. When electricity encounters water, it will cause many failures. Waterproof is of course better.

Electric vehicles, mainly battery protection. The wiring harness will not be short-circuited if it is waterproof, and the battery will not be burned as long as it is not short-circuited. Many failures caused by short circuits can be avoided.



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