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The process of correct detection of wire harness

Every production process of the enterprise has very strict requirements, especially the process of buying raw materials, which largely determines the quality process of the product. It does not mean that the high-demand specifications of the wire are the most important. For example, in the purchase of terminals, we can pay more attention to the quality and quality. Although it does not play a big role in the operation, it will also affect the normal operation. It is also annoying.

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The tightness of the terminal in the plug-in wire is a trouble that affects the normal operation. For example, although the quality of the wire material of some wire harnesses is very good, due to the poor quality of the terminal, the terminal port is sharpened, and when it is inserted with the other end of the eyes, There will be a very simple phenomenon of separation. Therefore, when buying related wires, you must pay attention to the quality of each link of the product. Otherwise, because of a poor detail, it will affect the operation of a line. Of course, it will be a small loss. Bar.

Secondly, a high-quality wire harness is not only for normal operation, so is it conducive to the impact of terminal problems in long-term operation? Even if there is no problem with the wire, it will be eliminated because of the defective terminal port. An excellent company is not because of production. High-quality products and high-quality service levels are more and more important, and there is no way to deal with product problems. Therefore, in the production and testing of terminal lines, we can pay more attention to the requirements of each link.

For the wire harness inspection process, the quality control part of a company also plays a key role. It plays a leading and supervising role in the production of the company, and every member is a part of the company. Therefore, in the long-term production, more It requires the cooperation of each part of the team, which can help to gain control over some subtle issues. So this is also about the correct testing link, and of course it is also something that every employee should pay attention to. The basic conditions and needs of a company's long-term stable development.



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