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Silicone Wre And PVC Wire

Let's first understand the introduction of PVC hook up wires. PVC insulated wires usually refer to ordinary household wires, which are widely used in ordinary power transmission lines such as home lighting and induction cooker hair dryers. PVC wire is suitable for electrical equipment and lighting devices: AC 500V and below or DC 1000V and below, namely PVC insulated flexible cable, or copper core PVC insulated shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable voltage 300V/300V 2-24 core.

PVC insulated wires

Silicone cables can be applied to relatively high industrial power lines and special power lines, which cannot be achieved with PVC wires. Silicone cable can withstand high temperature 180 degrees -200 degrees, and low temperature resistance 60 degrees. The PVC insulated wire is mainly thermoplastic, and the temperature of 105 degrees is basically the limit. No matter how high the temperature is, it is very easy to cause melting. Furthermore, the flexibility, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance and oil resistance of Silicone Wires are much better than those of PVC wires.
Silicone cables

It can be seen from the prices on the market that silicone wires are much more expensive than PVC insulated wires. If there are no special requirements for the use environment, PVC wires can be used. If the equipment has high requirements or special power lines, then silicone must be used. electric wire.

Silicone cables

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