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Precautions for the use of DC power cables

1. The internal wire of the DC power cable is too inferior. When the power supply is turned on, the high-voltage capacitor inside the computer ATX power supply will also be charged instantaneously. At this moment, the current is relatively large, and the instantaneous maximum current can reach more than 6 amps. If the computer ATX power supply is not designed internally With a snubber circuit, there will be a larger inrush current passing through at this moment, which is also called an instantaneous surge. That is to say, at that moment, if the DC power cable is made of inferior materials, its resistance is relatively large, and the heat is also large, and a wire will burn out in an instant.
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2. The welding points on both sides of the power cord of the host are not handled well. The two-side joints refer to the two-side joints of the power cord. Since the wires need to be welded together with the joints, if the area of the welding point is too small, the resistance will be too large, and it is easy to instantly The contact point is burned out and blown. Even if it does not burn out instantaneously, it will generate too much heat due to excessive long-term resistance. Excessive heat generation is one of the main reasons for accelerated oxidation. When oxidation reaches a certain level, the resistance will be greater, and it will eventually burn out instantly.

3. The connector of the cable and the socket, the connector of the DC power cable and the ATX power interface of the host computer. If the two mutually connected ports are in poor contact or the contact is too loose, it is easy to cause sparks, that is, between the conductor metal sheet and the metal sheet. The contact area is too small due to poor contact, and the area is too small to allow current to pass through. In addition, if the resistance is large, it is easy to heat up and burn out, because the reduction of the current at this moment is not enough to reduce the heat generation, because the heat Q=I* I*R, it is clear that a slight decrease in I and a slight increase in R do not change the overall heating trend of Q. Therefore, it is easy to see burnt black at the interface.



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