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Methods to reduce the fracture of ribbon flat cable

After replacing the ribbon flat cable, use scissors to cut the transparent adhesive paper into strips of appropriate size, and then use these strips to completely wrap the bend of the cable (because the bend is usually easy to break), when wrapping To be even, it is advisable to wrap it in one circle, and be sure not to wrap it too thickly. Finally, use a knife to flatten and widen the case where the ribbon flat cable passes. This can greatly reduce the repair rate.

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The damage of the ribbon flat cable is nothing more than two aspects: disconnection and resistance. The former is generally more intuitive and can be found with the naked eye, and it can be solved by replacing or flying the wire; if it is the latter, it is relatively comparable. It's a little troublesome, you need to measure to know. However, the display circuit of the parallel port, if the small screen has a display, the display problem of the large screen will not be very complicated, because the parallel port line, the large screen and the small screen are shared, if the screen has a display, and the other does not, it is generally There is a problem with the enable signal of each screen, or the interface of the ribbon flat cable (under the premise that the PCB is good).



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