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How to identify the quality of silicone wire

At present, there are many Silicone Wires of different quality on the market, so how do customers choose which silicone wire is good?
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1. Electric conductor
(1) The surface layer should be glossy and smooth, and the coating should be continuous and well-proportioned
(2) The surface of the electrical conductor does not need to have defects such as triangles, burrs, cracks, kinks, expansion and contraction, inclusions, scars, pits, mechanical equipment damage, and erosion black spots.
(3) The color is well-proportioned and bright, and there is no need to have too many air oxidation marks.
(4) The cross-sectional specifications of the electrical conductors are sufficient and sufficient.

2. Insulation layer and grommet
(1) The surface is smooth and shiny, with a uniform gloss, and no rashes, bubbles, burning paste, etc. can be seen with the eyes.
(2) The insulating layer (the grommet) is uniform in thickness and does not wrap around the core.
(3) No damage to mechanical equipment and flattening
(4) The raw materials of each layer should not be glued together.

3. Other
(1) The shielding layer of the metal material should be continuous, overlapping, and inseparable wrapping, without bevelling, curling, leakage, etc.
(2) The pitch diameter of the cable should be well-balanced.
(3) The filling is round and the cables are shiny.
(4) The wrapping should be overlapped, and there is no need for hemming, neglect, etc.
(5) The appearance design of the cable should be shiny, free from squeezing, circular bending, etc.
(6) There should be no trace of moisture returning inside the cable.



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