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How to control the quality of wiring harness

The wiring harness is the signal transmission line of electronic and electrical products, an indispensable part of many electronic and electrical products, and the wiring harness is also a necessity in electronic equipment. The terminal connection line is so important, so how does the Wire Harness processing factory control the inspection process of the electronic equipment connection line?

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1. Preparation before production:
Check whether the material line type, line number, color, terminal, plastic shell and wire length of the terminal connecting line are in line with the drawings and customer requirements, and place the products to be produced in the designated position and arrange them neatly.

2. Inspection during production:
Debug and check the terminal wire mold products, check the appearance quality of the terminal crimping, and check whether the debugged specifications are consistent with the customer's requirements.

3. Finished product testing and quality inspection:
The terminal connecting line passes through professional testing equipment, 100% checks whether it is powered on, whether the wire sequence, wire number, color, length, and terminal connector are wrong, the good products are packaged, and the bad products are immediately isolated.

Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of customized wiring harnesses. It is mainly engaged in terminal connecting wires and wire processing. According to the samples and drawings provided by customers, through the analysis and design of engineers, we can professionally produce various types of terminal connecting wires for customers.



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