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Electronic wiring harness customization standard requirements

Nowadays, the requirements for the use of smart devices continue to increase, and their requirements for electronic wiring harness wiring are gradually becoming higher levels, so the accuracy of test equipment is becoming more and more important.

Electronic wiring harness product process planning is the process of product input and output. The entire planning scheme is about quality, cost, operability, and ultimately satisfying the various requirements of product characteristics. When the electronic wiring harness process begins, first consider the product quality, ensure that the contact position is not stacked, but not too large, and not planned on the branch; secondly, consider the operability of worker production to minimize the difficulty of work; finally, follow the nearest grounding guidelines , Try to save wire. Determine the location of the assembly crimping point inside the Wire Harness, the assembly and connection method of the internal connection point, and formulate the skill requirements. Because different car wiring harnesses have different branch positions, sizes, electrical functions, and grounding point positions and numbers, the internal connection methods of grounding wires are diversified.

With the addition of car functions, the widespread use of electronic control skills, coupled with the increasing requirements for the safety, comfort and economy of cars, the electrical equipment and electrical functions on cars are also increasing; electrical With more and more components, there will be more and more wires; the wiring harness connecting various electrical devices is becoming more and more messy and the car wiring harness becomes thicker and heavier. Therefore, advanced cars have introduced a multiplex transmission system for bus equipment selection.

Things need to be fully prepared, and the construction personnel should be familiar with the use, inspection and precautions of various tools and tools. Prepare all required heat shrink data and supporting data, check whether the data is qualified, and determine the type of heat shrink data used according to the wiring harness structure and specifications. The construction site should be kept clean and dry, and the use of blowtorch requires safety skills and measures. The quality of wire harness crimping directly affects the service life of the connector and the safe operation of the wire harness.

Filled with inorganic flame retardant, its mechanical strength and cracking elongation are much worse than non-flame retardant polyolefin sheath material. The flame-retardant polyolefin sheath material has low mechanical strength, and the oxygen index of the commonly used flame-retardant polyolefin sheath material is 25-28. The flame retardant effect is not very good, and it is only suitable for low temperature, proper movement or twists. , It is not suitable for use in occasions where the flame retardant requirements are not too high, and it is not suitable for use in electronic wiring harnesses with high flame retardant requirements. The halogen-free, low-smoke flame-retardant polyolefin sheath material has good flame-retardant properties and char formation during combustion, and is suitable for electronic wiring harnesses that require high halogen-free, low-smoke, and flame-retardant functions.

When the wire is separated from the wiring harness and connected to the electrical equipment, if the rated current of the electrical equipment is very small, the cross-section should also be small. At this time, the main consideration is whether the section of wire can accept the sensation during the driving process of the car and cause the line to be broken possible.



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