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Different Types of Shielded Cables

There are two main types of shielded cables to choose from, they are:

Braided Cables: Shielded cables that feature braided copper wires are known as braided cables. Braids do not provide 100% shielding, but are more durable than foil shielded cables. Its shielding ability depends entirely on the braid type. Depending on the weave type, it can provide 70% to 95% coverage. Even 70% coverage is fine if the cable stays still. Copper used for braiding is more conductive than mylar or foil used for shielding and is less susceptible to damage of any kind. This makes it an effective shielding option. However, it may increase the cost and footprint of the cable. Copper shielded cables are ideal for industrial environments.

Metal-Coated Mylar and Foil Shielded Cables: Foil shielded cables feature thin aluminum or copper sheets bonded to polyester to increase the strength of the cable. This shielding is commonly called tape shielding and it ensures 100% protection of the wires. Foil shielded cables are a common choice for noisy retail or busy office environments.

Multiple shielding layers are available for extremely noisy environments. In this environment, both braided and foil shielded cables are required. Some applications use multi-conductor cables where both types of shielding are usually visible. In such cables, individual pairs are sometimes shielded with foil, while the entire cable is shielded with either a braid or foil. Foil shielding of individual pairs helps to avoid possible crosstalk between different pairs in the cable.



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