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Advantages of silicone high temperature wire

Silicone high temperature wire has excellent properties, which can be better utilized than ordinary wires. Next, let's talk about the advantages of silicone high temperature wire.

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1. High temperature resistance
Silicone high temperature wire also has strong high temperature resistance in specific applications. Compared with traditional cables, the new material used in high temperature wire shell can improve the high temperature resistance performance. Ordinary wires can transmit data unstable when the ambient temperature is high outdoors and underground in harsh environments, but high temperature wires can transmit data stably, high temperature wires The thermal insulation and high temperature resistance can survive in the natural environment. You can make the device work normally.
2. Long service life
Generally, cables tend to become brittle after being used for a period of time, and various technical parameters of the cables decrease at different levels. Therefore, the longer you use it, you will find a bunch of problems. The application time is not long and should be replaced. The use is not smooth, the wire can always avoid these shortcomings, or the service life is longer. That is the silicone high temperature wire. The silicone high temperature wire has excellent production technology and strong aging resistance. It is not easy to be embrittled in long-term application, which increases the overall service life of the cable.



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